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Jackie Tims receives DAISY Award.

Nurse Jackie Tims Presented DAISY Award

Ohio’s Hospice recognizes outstanding members of our staff every quarter with the Bouquet of Recognition Awards. The recipients of the Bouquet of Recognition Award personify the qualities found in the Mission and Vision of Ohio’s Hospice and are the foundation upon which a remarkable patient experience is built. These staff members consistently demonstrate excellence through their expertise and extraordinary compassionate support for patients and families. We recognize them as outstanding role models in our hospice community. Nurse Care Manager Jackie Tims recently earned our DAISY Award.

Jackie is “someone with a kind heart and gentle spirit, who really cares for her patients and families and wants to ensure that their last days are the best they can be,” notes her nomination. “Cards and letters of recognition have been received from her patients and families, all expressing their appreciation for her kind, compassionate and competent care…This care manager knows what it means to “carry out the mission,” because she does it daily, by lifting the spirits of a dying patient or supporting the spouse or child in need of comfort or understanding. She is a light to them when the world around them grows dim and dark. I once heard it said, ‘As one person we cannot change the world, but we can change the world for one person.’ Jackie Tims, you are indeed changing the world for one patient and one family at a time. Thank you for answering the call to service, and for carrying on the mission humbly and with a servant’s heart.”

We honor Jackie for her hospice heart and thank her on behalf of every patient’s life she has touched with light and love.

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