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Amber Chambers Honored with DAISY Award

Outstanding members of the Ohio’s Hospice staff are recognized every quarter with the Bouquet of Recognition Awards for going above and beyond in advocating for and serving hospice patients and families. Amber Chambers of Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton is the recipient of the most recent Daisy Award, presented to members of our nursing staff.

A family member of a patient expressed appreciation for the care his mother recently received and singled out Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton nurse Amber Chambers for recognition with the DAISY award. “I want to first thank you for the care and love that Dayton Hospice provided to my mom over the last week.  Her quick time under your care was amazing.  Her STNA’s provided her with awesome care and allowed her to be clean and groomed for probably the first time in quite a while.”

“I am really wanting to point out a single Dayton Hospice employee for her dedication and caring that made last night such a pure blessing,” he continued. “Amber Chambers was last night’s on-call nurse, or at least one of them…Upon arrival, Amber got to work and very openly and honestly spoke of the reality of the situation and the time frame associated.  She did not mince words and made it very easy to gather the immediate family and include a religious figure important to my mother.” He explained that Amber recognized the pain his mother was experiencing and asked the doctor to change orders to permit more pain medication. “This one simple act allowed my mother to feel much better to release herself into bliss as her family prayed over her.”

He added that Amber’s final act of compassion for his mother was her careful preparation of his mother for transport to the University of Cincinnati where her body was being donated.

“This may seem to you as a normal day as a Hospice nurse,” he wrote, “but to me….Amber was awesome.”

We are honored to have Amber as a member of our hospice team.

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