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Where We Provide Care

Hospice Houses

Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton – Hospice House

Hospice of Dayton can provide personalized short-term symptom management and medical support in our Hospice House, located at 324 Wilmington Avenue in Dayton. The Hospice House provides superior around-the-clock medical attention to assure patient comfort. Visitors are welcome 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Once stabilized, patients can return to their home setting for continued hospice support.

Ohio’s Hospice of Butler & Warren Counties – Lorelei’s Place

Hospice of Butler & Warren Counties can provide personalized short-term symptom management and medical support in the 14-bed Lorelei’s Place Hospice House, located at 5920 Long Meadow Drive, in Franklin, Ohio. Lorelei’s Place also provides superior around-the-clock medical attention to maintain patient comfort. Once stabilized, patients can return to their home setting for continued hospice support

Home Care

We partner with family members and the family physician to assure the highest quality of care can be provided in your home. We support family members and caregivers with a professional care team including physicians, nurses, Advanced Practice nurse specialists, respiratory and other therapists, home health aides, social workers, pharmacists, grief counselors, chaplains and volunteers. Each of our Home Care staff members is patient-focused and driven to lead with a servant’s heart.

Hospital Care

It’s our commitment, as a community-based, patient-focused organization, to work closely with area hospitals in order to ensure superior comfort for patients. We work energetically with members of the hospital staff focusing on palliative treatments while honoring choices for patients and caregivers – allowing them to celebrate life with the help of hospice care.

Nursing Home/Assisted Living Care

We also partner with extended care and assisted living facilities to assure that superior hospice care is available in each patient setting – personalized to meet individual needs and guarantee peace of mind.

In addition to providing specialized care for the control of pain and symptoms, we also provide aides to assist with extra personal care, social workers to help with needed resources, chaplains to address spiritual needs, and volunteers to provide companionship. Our clinical staff does not replace the nursing care currently being provided by the facility, but our expertise in personalized care given at the end of life’s journey can provide patients with another level of comfort.

Focused Care

Focused Care is a specialized program of treatment tailored to address the disease-specific symptoms of patients with cancer, cardiac or pulmonary diseases. Working with the primary care physician, our team of healthcare professionals closely monitor and quickly address new symptoms. Our care goal is to improve the quality of life and help patients avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Patients receive:
  • Expert symptom management for their unique needs
  • 24/7 RN on-call assistance
  • Weekly Nurse visits
  • Home visits by  Focused care physician as needed
  • Emotional support from qualified counselors
  • Volunteers to assist with errands or caregiver relief
  • Access to an array of additional services, including respiratory, occupational, massage and music therapies
  • Home Health Aide assistance with personal care
  • Medical equipment and oxygen as needed at no direct cost
  • Prescription medications related to their diagnosis at no direct costs

Pure Healthcare

Pure Healthcare offers a path to better quality of life for those living with serious illness. Our specialists in palliative care can restore comfort by controlling pain and symptoms. Care is coordinated with the primary physician every step of the way. By helping patients become comfortable enough to participate in and enjoy activities again, explore treatment options and decide what’s right for them, Pure Healthcare helps patients have more control. The Pure Healthcare team includes palliative care physicians and nurses, social workers and supporting specialists such as pharmacists, massage therapists and other complementary care professionals. Learn more about Pure Healthcare at

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