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Hospice Patient’s Final Wish Becomes a Reality

whodeyAs a local hospice patient’s health was declining, the only way the family could test for his alertness or mental status was by talking about the Bengals. As a “Final Wish”, the patient asked Hospice of Dayton if they could possibly meet a player or coach from the Cincinnati Bengals. The patient’s health was declining at a rapid rate and given about 1-2 days to live. The window of opportunity was quickly closing.

With football season in full swing, the schedules of the coaches and players are at maximum capacity. Thanks to some angels at the Marvin Lewis Foundation, Hospice of Dayton was able to make this patient’s final wish come true. A special phone call was set up to brighten this patient’s day.

The patient’s family surrounded him with all of his Bengals gear.  The phone rang and the caller ID read “PAUL BROWN STADIUM”. On the line was no other than Marvin Lewis, the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. Marvin was gentle and compassionate and thanked the patient for his support. The patient was very lethargic but was able to say, “Hello, Marvin Lewis”. The family said this was the best thing that could have happened for their father.  A special thanks to all involved for making this patient’s wish a reality.



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