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Dream Big Dreams

The best life is to live your dreams when you‘re awake. That is the credo of Terrence Glover, who should know. He’s made so many of his dreams come true.

Born in Dayton, Terrence remembers the first time he embraced life as a great adventure. “I got my first bike when I was 10, and my world was no longer bound by the corner stop sign,” he says. “ I was free!” He launched his life of big dreams. Terrence became the captain of his Little League team, and when he got to high school, he joined the wrestling team. “I set new wrestling records,” he says, smiling. “Unfortunately, it was for getting pinned the most times in a row.” But the activity resulted in a job recommendation from his coach that led to his life-long career in the culinary arts.

His first job was at the Dayton Racquet Club, the finest club in the city. He became an apprentice, earning the title of sous chef at age 19. He created his own signature dish and supervised kitchens in Texas and St. Louis as head chef. When his mother became ill with cancer, Terrence returned to Dayton to care for her and began another life adventure as a husband and father. Considering his bucket list as he grew older, he went to Los Angeles and worked at the ESPN Center with premier world chef Wolfgang Puck.

The two most important things in life are to “never, never, never stop dreaming,” says Terrence. “And to help others hold onto their dreams.”

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