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Patient Experience Advocate Focuses on Patient Satisfaction

Jessica Conger, BSN, CHPN, has a new role at Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton. Her experience as a bedside nurse has helped prepare her to serve as the Patient Experience Advocate for hospice patients.

“We can always improve on patient satisfaction,” Conger explains. “Our commitment to providing superior care and super services means we are always identifying opportunities for improvement. If we don’t understand how we are doing, we can’t become better.”

Conger is working with staff members to find enhancements that will benefit patients and families in hospice care. She is also establishing a Family Advisory Council, comprised of family members of former patients, to help refine processes for an improved patient experience.  Conger explains. “We are hoping to involve at least 20 people in the Family Advisory Council who can help us evaluate and improve things like our patient handbook, admission packet, and communication processes. They will also have the opportunity to identify and recommend additional areas where improvements will be meaningful to our patients and families.”

Those interested in serving with the Family Advisory Council can contact her at

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