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LPN Dorothy Thomas Awarded Daisy Recognition

Outstanding members of the Ohio’s Hospice staff are recognized every quarter with the Bouquet of Recognition Awards for going above and beyond in advocating for and serving patients. LPN Dorothy Thomas of Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton is the recipient of the most recent Daisy Award, presented to members of the nursing staff, for extending her care even further.

Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton LPN Dorothy Thomas was providing care for one patient when she recognized his mother-in-law was displaying symptoms of a heart attack. Dorothy shared her concern with family members, who were able to quickly transport her for emergency care. In nominating Dorothy for a Daisy award, the daughter wrote “Thank you so much for both your kind, attentive care for my husband and your recognition of my mom’s heart attack.  Had you not been here, I would have had to call an ambulance to take Mom to the hospital.  She did have a heart attack and was admitted the Atrium on Thanksgiving Day.  My husband passed away on Sunday.  Mom went home later the same day.  While I lost my husband and best friend, thanks to you, I still have my mom – my other best friend.”

We are so grateful to have Dorothy as a member of our team, serving our mission with a true hospice heart.

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