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Deb Friece Receives Carnation Award for Teamwork

Outstanding members of the Ohio’s Hospice staff are recognized every quarter with the Bouquet of Recognition Awards for going above and beyond in advocating for and serving patients. As a member of Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton’s Care Team Coordination staff, RN Deb Friece is the recipient of the most recent Carnation Award, presented to staff members in clinical support roles.

“I had one of my most difficult cases and days as a hospice nurse,” wrote a teammate in nominating Deb for the Daisy Award. “I worked diligently to get a patient home from the hospital. Every time I turned around there was a roadblock.” The patient was unstable, had complicated symptoms and was a full code when the day began. “After a 90-minute discussion of his end of life choices, the patient wanted to go home and be kept comfortable. So my wheels started to turn… He had to have Crisis Care, medical equipment, transportation involving our hospice ambulance and crew.” The patient would need comfort medications. The physician would need a report.  “There was no family at the bedside, so I needed to get his medications for him from the outpatient pharmacy. So many details.”

Thankfully, she found support from Care Team Coordinator Deb Friece. “I honestly DO NOT know what I would have done without Deb’s support. From helping with the clinical side of things, making calls, finding medications to name a few, to listening to me cry and vent about my day.” The staff member expressed gratitude for the support that enabled her to provide superior care and superior services to the patient to assure his comfort.

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