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Angel Shepherd - Sunflower Award

Angel Shepherd of Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton Recognized With Sunflower Award

Outstanding members of the Ohio’s Hospice staff are recognized every quarter with Bouquet of Recognition Awards. Bouquet of Recognition Award honorees personify the qualities found in the Mission and Vision of Ohio’s Hospice and are the foundation upon which a remarkable patient experience is built. These staff members consistently demonstrate excellence through their expertise and extraordinary compassionate support for patients and families. They are recognized as outstanding role models in the Ohio’s Hospice community.

Angel Shepherd, personal care specialist at Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton, was recognized with the Sunflower Award, which is given to personal care specialists quarterly. She was nominated by a patient’s daughter, who praised Angel for the care she provided the daughter’s mother. Angel took care of the patient for several months, while the patient was in a long-term care facility.

Angel was attentive to the needs of the patient, encouraging her to take in nourishment when she refused to eat. Angel encouraged the patient about the importance of taking her pain medication when the facility nurse was unsuccessful. The patient’s daughter was grateful to Angel for getting her mother to smile when no one else could. In addition, Angle was the eyes and ears for her mother’s hospice nurse.

“Angel was always quick to contact the hospice nurse to report when things were not going well,” the patient’s daughter wrote in her nomination form. “I could tell Mom had a real fondness for Angel as she knew Angel would care for her with kindness and respect.”

She praised Angel for her commitment to her mother’s care. Even on days when Angel was in the facility but not scheduled to provide care for her mother, Angel stopped by to check on her. “Angel is an angel,” the daughter wrote. “She lives up to her namesake in every way.”

Congratulations to Angel and thanks to her for her support of the mission of Ohio’s Hospice.

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