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Strategic Partnership Formed to Advance Quality of Mission-Based Hospice Care

DAYTON (August 14, 2013) –Linda Daniel, Executive Director of Hospiceof Miami County, and Kent Anderson, President and CEO of the Hospice of Dayton, are pleased to announce that their organizations have formed a strategic partnership.

“Our organizations have collaborated for several years. This strategic partnership simply formalizes our relationship,” explained Hospice of Dayton Board of Directors Chairman, Greg Toman. “By combining our strengths, we are ensuring the long-term success of the shared mission of serving more patients and their families with even higher levels of hospice care.”

Hospice of Dayton and Hospice of Miami County came together because of their shared values, shared culture, shared mission, and shared expertise. With over 30 years of care delivery, both organizations offer:

    • more visits and direct care to patients than any other hospice provider;
    • more resources to provide care to patients and their families, like respiratory therapy, massage therapy; and,
    • greater support by providing every level of care a hospice patient or their family may need.


“The benefit of our partnership, beyond enhancing care and services to the community, is the ability for both organizations to maintain their name, local identity and local presence,” explained Tom Hagan, Board of Directors Chairman of Hospice of Miami County. “Additionally, each organization will have board of directors comprised of community members, and local leadership that will focus on specific community needs and desired services. By keeping our local boards and local management, we will maintain our community roots and focus.”

As the only non-profit hospice care organizations in Miami and Montgomery County, Hospice of Miami County and Hospice of Dayton fulfill a unique role by providing mission-driven, community-based care. This care includes nationally recognized best practices and is the best available in the respective communities.

“Hospice of Miami County and Hospice of Dayton set the standard for end-of-life care in the region. This shared expertise and commitment to quality are evident, in part, by the sheer number of resources we devote to patient care, not to making a profit,” stated Daniel. “Working, sharing and planning together makes us stronger and will enhance the quality of our care and services.”

“We believe our partnership will help us continue to grow and protect jobs by advancing quality and access to end-of-life care to more patients and families in the Miami Valley Region,” said Anderson. “Together, we help families honor, celebrate, and approach the end of life with dignity and peace of mind and assure that the end-of-life is as honored and celebrated as the beginning of life.”

This strategic partnership will:

  • Serve over 5,000 patients annually
  • Serve over 700 patients each day
  • Employ over 650 exceptional staff members
  • Have the privilege of serving with over 800 wonderful volunteers
  • Ensure that no one in our communities is denied access to hospice care based on their ability to pay or have insurance


About Hospice of Miami County

Hospice of Miami County is committed to providing the best quality care, comfort and support to members of our community. We believe hospice care is about how you live each moment to the fullest extent possible.

Delivering comprehensive hospice services to everyone who needs those services, without financial or cultural impediments or barriers is central to the philosophy and mission of Hospice of Miami County.

We have a single passion and focus: mission-driven, hospice care. We have been here since 1983; and we will be there for you and your family when hospice services are needed.


About Hospice of Dayton

Our mission is to celebrate the lives of those we have the privilege of serving by providing superior care and superior services to each patient and family. We are a non-profit, community-based hospice.

Every dollar donated helps us provide superior care and services to patients and families in our communities. We offer services no other hospice can. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our communities. Our shareholders are you—the members of the Miami Valley community who are the owners of Hospice of Dayton and Hospice of Butler & Warren Counties.

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