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Nursing Honor Guard: Nurses Honoring Nurses - Ohio's Hospice of Dayton

Nurses Honoring Nurses: Nursing Honor Guard Recognizes Nurses in Our Care

As we celebrate Nurses Month and the superior care our nurses provide to our patients and their families, Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton, an affiliate of Ohio’s Hospice, recognizes our Nursing Honor Guard for their service to our mission. The Nursing Honor Guard of Ohio’s Hospice honors nurses in our care. 

Nurses across Ohio’s Hospice volunteer to be a part of the Nursing Honor Guard. They travel to the setting the patient calls home to acknowledge a patient’s many years of service as a nurse.   

The Nursing Honor Guard recognizes nurses who are in our care for their commitment to providing compassionate care to patients. Nurses dress in traditional and historical uniforms comprised of a blue and red cape, white dress and cap. The ceremony highlights a nurse’s career and individual achievements.   

During the ceremony, the Nursing Honor Guard shares with the honoree “Though your nursing tasks are complete, they are not forgotten. It is our honor to express our respect for you as a nurse and our gratitude for the care you have given.” 

In addition, the nurses recite the Nightingale Pledge. This is a statement of the ethics and principles of the nursing profession. The Nightingale Pledge is often recited by nursing school graduates as part of their graduation ceremonies. 

The Nursing Honor Guard ceremonies can be quite emotional and meaningful for patients and their families. Each ceremony is filled with pride and respect for the nurse that is being honored.

The Nursing Honor Guard of Ohio’s Hospice began in 2016. Since then, almost 200 nurses have been honored across the state of Ohio for their service to their profession. If the Ohio’s Hospice Nursing Honor Guard can serve your family, please contact your care manager for more information. 

During Nurses Month, we thank all our nurses for providing superior and superior services to each patient and family we are privileged to serve. Special thanks our nurses who make up the Nursing Honor Guard! 

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