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I am Hospice

afiaAfia N Green, STNA, CHPNS, PCS Excellence Mentor

Afia has served in the health care field for 18 years,  coming to Hospice of Dayton in 2009 and being named PCS Excellence Mentor in 2012.  She serves as a member of the Performance Improvement team. 

Coming to Hospice was always what I wanted to do. It was the best way for me to make a positive impact, to assist in the final days, weeks, or month of someone’s life. I am honored to become a part of a family of people who look to me for answers and compassion. It makes me feel I’m doing an angel’s work.

Following the mission of Hospice of Dayton, I celebrate the lives of patients and families.  I’m always looking for new ways communicate with my patients, who may not be able to see or hear – sometimes through touch or sound,

through singing and prayer. I offer my assistance with whatever the need may be with staff at every facility I enter,  always with a friendly, caring smile. I’m often complimented for my makeup. One patient always asked if was I going somewhere special. I would  say  “I’m coming to see you.”

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