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Dr. Danielle Gorsky Volunteers Audiologist Services

Audiologist Volunteers Hearing Services at Ohio’s Hospice  of Dayton 

Dr. Danielle Gorsky with her husband and children.
Dr. Danielle Gorsky with her family.

For two years Dr. Danielle Gorsky, an audiologist in Franklin, Ohio, has been volunteering her time to Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton to see patients who need hearing devices.  

“I had grandparents that went through hospice, and I know hearing is one of the last senses to go,” Dr. Gorsky said. “I know how important it is for family to feel the comfort that their loved ones can hear them during this time. That inspired me to start a hospice program for donated hearing aids to be fit on people that do not have them and are in hospice care.” 

Dr. Gorsky is the owner of Expert Hearing Clinic in Franklin and is a graduate of Ohio University, where she earned a doctorate in audiology.  

The hearing aids that Dr. Gorsky fits hospice patients with are donated. When people change hearing aids or do not need them anymore, the devices can be donated to Ohio’s Hospice for patients who can use them now to increase quality of life 

Dr. Gorsky is really sweet and provides a service that truly improves quality of life for our patients,” said Kelly Linder, volunteer coordinator at Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton. The hearing aids she uses for our patients are donated hearing aids.”  

Dr. Gorsky does not see patients every week, but she schedules a time to visit when there is a patient that could benefit from her service.  

“If I test the patient’s hearing and they need hearing aids, I try to fit them with some of the donated hearing aids I have,” Dr. Gorsky said. “Lately, I have not been able to see any patients and appointments have been canceled due to COVID-19. So until guidelines change, unfortunately, I will not be able to provide my service in nursing home facilities.” 

Dixie Roberts, RN, BSN, CHPN, team leader for Care Partners for Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton, praised Dr. Gorsky’s efforts. She recalled a patient whom Dr. Gorsky was able to help before COVID-19 restrictions paused her ability to volunteer. The patient could not hear well. Dr. Gorsky visited the patient and fitted her for a hearing device. The patient saw a great improvement in her quality of life after the visit and was able to hear better.  

“After being seen by Dr. Gorsky and getting a hearing device, the patient’s daughter said she had the best visit with her mother because the patient could hear her for the first time in a long time,” she said. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer this service to our patients.”  

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