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2015 Year in Review


On behalf of the staff and volunteers of Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton, we would like to thank everyone who has supported our mission of providing superior care and services for each patient and their family throughout the year! We could not do this work without the efforts, dedication, and generous spirits of our volunteers and donors within the community. A look back at some of the stories that resonated the most with our online audience this year included:

2015 was also the year Ohio’s Hospice became a parent organization to several community not-for-profit hospice affiliates throughout the state. To date, Hospice of Dayton, Hospice of Butler & Warren Counties, Hospice of Miami County, Hospice of Central Ohio, and most recently, Community Care Hospice in Wilmington have entered into strategic partnerships with Ohio’s Hospice to enhance superior care and services for each local community hospice. It promises to be an exciting venture for a collaborative mission!

The Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton American Pride Veterans Memorial was dedicated to the community this year and brought together dignitaries, local leaders, Veterans, and proud citizens alike to share in the collective honor for which it stands. The Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton finished construction on its Bell Tower commemorating the lives of those who have passed that day, and to remind all to Celebrate Life on a daily basis. Professional commendations were awarded to the Culinary Staff, Dr. Nancy Trimble, and RN Debra Friece, as well as the organization itself being nominated by Dayton Business Journal for notable distinction.

The fundraising events yielded record-breaking crowds, including the 11th Annual Hospice of Dayton Remembrance Walk. Thank you to each community for participating in this year’s support!

We look forward to continuing the level of services and care for our patients and their families that you value in the Greater Dayton community!

Holidays for Those Who Grieve

Lisa Balster, MA, MBA, LSW, CHA
Director of Care, Patient and Family Support Services
Pathways of Hope

The holidays come each year, whether we feel ready to celebrate, or not. For those grieving the loss of someone they love, this time of year can present a challenge in many ways: emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

It takes significant energy to grieve the death of a loved one. Feeling tired, drained, and sad are all part of the journey. The holidays add extra activities to our already full schedules, and can be overwhelming. It is important that grieving people decide for themselves which activities they will participate in, and which ones they will decline this year. Save energy for activities that have the most personal meaning, and will soothe the heart and mind.

One thing that can help us cope with a special day is to do something to acknowledge the lost loved one early in the day. Grieving people often say that this frees them to enjoy the rest of the day, to be as present as possible with others. Something as simple as lighting a candle, putting a picture of the person in a special place, or leaving an empty chair for a loved one who has died are all powerful ways of remembering a loved one.

The exercise below can help with decisions about how to spend your precious time.

Holiday Activities/Tasks:

When grieving, it is important to know that you can choose how your holidays will be. Some people find comfort in enjoying the same traditions. Others choose to forego the usual traditions altogether. Still others choose to simplify their holiday routine, leaving more time for rest and reflection. What you choose is completely up to you. You can add your own traditions to this basic list and use this as a tool to help you choose which activities you wish to give priority or omit this year.

Making grocery lists
Shopping for groceries
Baking for gifts
Baking for special meals
Cooking special meals
Transporting special meals to another location
Helping prepare meals for another
Helping prepare meals at church/place of worship
Helping prepare meals at charity

Gifts for immediate family members
Gifts for friends
Gifts for acquaintances/neighbors
Establish budget
Establish gift list
Shopping for gifts
Wrapping gifts
Charitable Gifts

Social Gatherings and Outings:
Immediate Family
Extended Family

Peace to you and those you love this holiday season.

2015 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Each year, volunteers give their time, skills, and compassionate service supporting the mission of Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton and Hospice of Butler & Warren Counties. This time of year, the staff of both locations gets to say Thank You to the volunteers who help make providing superior care and superior services to our patients and their families possible!

We would like to add a special note of thanks to the wonderful members of the Epsilon Lambda Sorority. For the past 15 years, these talented and dedicated volunteers have created and sold hundreds of batches of homemade caramels as a fundraiser for Hospice of Dayton Foundation. This year, the group planned to turn out 350 pounds of delicious homemade caramels, with outstanding success! A check for over $2,000 was presented to the Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton Foundation today from sales. Amazing!

Thank you, Epsilon Lambda Sorority Sisters, and Thank You to all our incredible volunteers!


Holiday Cheer from our Affiliate, Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County

The holiday season brings with it mixed emotions for many — the joy of celebrating life with loved ones, as well as the sadness of remembering loved ones no longer here. In honor of the great wealth of community shared throughout the Miami Valley and extending into Miami County, we’d like to share this heartwarming story from Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County, an affiliate of Ohio’s Hospice. We Celebrate Life with our neighbors throughout Dayton and Miami County!


Christmas, hospice, cancer, survivor, Miami CountyLisa Kendall Maxon understands community synergy.  Four years ago it helped her heal.  Today she harnesses it to help others in hospice care.

In 2011 at age 29, Lisa was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her life suddenly shifted from busy fulltime mother and wife to stem cell transplant survivor at The James Cancer Center.  Over months of treatment and recovery, Lisa found support from a community that embraced her in her fight.  Now she leads the community’s Operation Christmas Cheer effort, which provides Christmas Trees to every patient in the care of Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County.

“This community surrounded me with support during my illness and continues to do so with Operation Christmas Cheer.  It’s amazing.  It’s organizations and individuals coming together to spread the spirit of celebration across the community.  Almost everyone who receives a tree has a story or a smile to share.  It gives us so much joy and satisfaction when we deliver them.”

It’s a community synergy that brightens the holidays for every one involved, and warms the coldest of December days.

Community Volunteers Donate Holiday Gifts

Volunteers contribute so much year-round, and during the holiday season their contributions can be especially meaningful. To our six friends and volunteers at Dayton Correctional Institution, thank you for dedicating 200 hours to make the holidays brighter for our patients and families. Your creativity and personal efforts in making holiday gifts are a special addition to lifting spirits of our patients and their families, as well as for the staff who witness acts of community generosity such as these. We thank you for your support for our mission to provide loving care!




Thank you, Volunteers! Celebrate International Volunteers Day, December 5, 2015

volunteer, hospice, Dayton

Thank you to all the volunteers who support superior care and services for our patients and their families!

Read here for more information on becoming a volunteer at Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton: 

Main Volunteer Page:

Read Volunteer Stories:

Learn about Volunteer Opportunities:

How to Volunteer with Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton:

Fill out a Volunteer Application (online or download format):





Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton Highlighted in INSIDE HEALTHCARE

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.42.01 PMMore people want to age in place now instead of going to assisted living facilities. Ensuring that people have access to care and can live in safe environments will be critical as people live longer.

That is one component of a feature article highlighting Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton and the role it plays in serving the community. President and CEO Kent Anderson explains new initiatives to bolster non-profit hospice organizations through collaboration and partnership. “The move to value-based purchasing in healthcare was the driver behind the creation of this horizontal integration,” Anderson is quoted as saying. Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton has spearheaded an effort to create the Ohio’s Hospice affiliations that now serve patients and families in 20 counties in southwest and central Ohio.

The article is available online at Inside Healthcare. Inside Healthcare is a quarterly publication of Phoenix Media Corporation of Chicago. Each issue covers technology, management, best practices, and finance/legal topics, along with a cover story that digs deep into an emerging trend or the thoughts of a forward-thinking chief executive. Each issue also contains a number of Corporate Spotlights—case studies that detail how healthcare providers are overcoming the obstacles to enhance performance and improve quality, safety, and the bottom line.