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Patients continue to receive care from their primary physician, while partnering with our patient-focused Hospice specialists for consultation and collaboration. Our physicians work with the primary physician or specialist to develop a superior plan for patient care

Nursing support is provided to each patient, with the assigned nurse reporting any changes to the primary physician and offering education to family caregivers on how to personalize patient care. In hospitals, assisted living facilities or nursing home setting, hospice nurses supplement the care provided by the facility staff to ensure comfort

Social Worker
A social worker acts as a counselor to patients and families, helping with financial, health insurance or legal questions, as well as with emotional and spiritual issues.

Personal Care Specialist
Home health aides assist with personal care and other activities of daily living. Aide support is available up to seven days a week depending on the individual patient’s needs. Nursing home patients benefit from home health aide support that supplements the personal care provided by the nursing home staff.

A Hospice spiritual caregiver can offer support by enhancing patient and family spirituality through deeper connection with a faith community, a spiritual support group, or personal inner life force.

Grief and Family Counselor
Counselors are available to provide support by talking with patients or family members about concerns or fears. Hospice counselors and volunteers continue to offer support to family members for up to 13 months following the loss of a loved one.

Hospice volunteers are passionate about helping people and doing more for their community in a variety of ways. Some of our volunteers run errands for patients and caregivers; some provide transportation to medical appointments or provide caregiver relief. All of our volunteers receive specialized training from Hospice of Dayton® and Hospice of Butler & Warren Counties. Each and every Hospice volunteer is committed to going above and beyond to help us provide superior patient care.

Physical, occupational, respiratory, music, pet, and massage therapists are available. A nutritionist is also available for consultation.

Our Hospice pharmacist reviews medication records and collaborates with other hospice caregivers to ensure all patient medications are compatible and appropriate.
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