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Pathways of Hope Offers Grief Support for Sudden Loss

Hospice_3_1_13-102When someone dies suddenly from an accident, unexpected or traumatic death, loved ones can experience shattering grief. With no opportunity to prepare for the loss, say good-bye or resolve unfinished business, family and friends can experience shock, depression, fearfulness, anxiety, anger, guilt and hopelessness. These same responses may apply whether the sudden death was the result of disease, drug overdose, accident, homicide, suicide or natural disasters. Pathways of Hope at Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton is launching an on-going grief support group for the survivors of such situations. Bereavement Counselor Debbie Holt, MS, PCC-S, will lead the group.

“The trauma of losing someone suddenly can also come with major additional losses,” says Holt. “Sometimes survivors may have also experienced injury as the result of circumstances leading to their loved ones death. They may be left with survivor guilt, wondering why they are still alive and questioning what could have been done to prevent the tragedy. If the death resulted from violence, the grieving experience may be prolonged by the search for a suspect and lengthy legal procedures. Grief can be especially difficult on the family if the killer is not identified or arrested and goes unpunished. Some families and loved ones may also experience a major loss of income, or their home. Their grief can be complicated by a multitude of other factors.”

Sudden Loss Grief Support Sessions will be held the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, starting January 27, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the Community Room at Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton, 324 Wilmington Ave., Dayton. For additional information please contact Pathways of Hope at 937-258-4991.

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